Website Hosting

Your website needs a secure server to be hosted on, ensuring that it remains live, runs at optimum speed and copes with high levels of traffic at peak times. 

We offer secure, fast and reliable hosting, for any type of website. From WordPress to Umbraco or any other Content Management System you can think of.

Web Application Hosting

We're specialists in hosting WordPress and Umbraco websites, ensuring that they remain live, are running at optimal speeds, and that the hosting is doing its part in the whole SEO machine. That being said, we can equally look after your website if it runs on Magento, Code Ignitor, Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS platform you care to mention.


Just two levels of hosting to choose from:

We only have two main types of hosting to select from:

Standard Hosting

Offering all of the benefits of our hosting system:

- Microsoft Azure Optimised Server

- 99.9% uptime

- Daily backups

- Automatic fixes - if your site's hosting should ever stop working, we'll just fix it.

- Peace of Mind - that your site will receive the same TLC as the rest of our clients, no preferential treatment here!

 Our Standard Hosting starts from £140+VAT per year


Enhanced Hosting

This takes advantage of all of the options as laid out in our Standard Hosting package plus we also offer Website Version Updates, meaning your website will always be running on the latest, secure version of its software.  To carry this out, we run through a set process:

- Take a backup of your software, in case we need to roll it back.

- Run all site updates necessary - including plugins and CMS Version.

- Run a full test of your website's functionality.

- If any of the updates have broken a part of the site, we roll that update back and record the actions.

If you would like to know more about our hosting services, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Phone 01283 743 283

Email: [email protected]

VOX Digital - Offering a hassle free hosting service

1. Communication

1. Communication

We take away the hassle of organising files, by dealing directly with your current hosting company and communicating with you at each stage. You are kept in the loop, whilst being able to carry on with your day to day job of running a business.

2. Test & Interrogation

2. Test & Interrogation

Not quite as bad as it sounds. Before we publish any site onto a live server, we set up a development version and interrogate the code to ensure that the website is bug-free and working on the latest versions - vital when we're talking about WordPress hosting.

3. New Home

3. New Home

Once, and only once, your website has been updated and tested do we move it to our live server. We use the Microsoft Azure Hosting Platform for all of our websites as it offers the best package in terms of hosting control and customisation.

4. DNS changes

4. DNS changes

We sort all of the technical settings out for you. If and where required we liaise with your technical department to ensure that the correct settings are changed to point to the new website.

5.We're live!

5.We're live!

That's it, your website is now up and running, totally updated to the latest version at the time of set up and purring like the proverbial kitten.

Value Added for managed clients

Value Added for managed clients

For those clients who select our managed package, we will now be updating your website on a monthly basis to ensure it is secure, safe and hack-free. If the worse should ever happen (because it can!) and your site is attacked, we clean out the nasties, rollback the content to the latest backup and make sure it's all shiny and new again, with even more secure passwords!



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