Why is colour important for building a solid brand?


published by: Jordan

date published: 15 Mar 2018

Do you know how important colour is when creating your brand image and marketing campaigns?

You may not think that colour has a big impact on your brand and marketing campaigns, because you spend more time looking at the meaning, image and words. However, we believe that colour helps you to bring your branding to life in more ways than just looking "pretty". The colours that you use can change the way your audience perceives the message of your business. If you choose the wrong colour it can change the meaning of the message you are trying to portray and your campaign becomes ineffective. Nobody wants that!!

What different colours mean to the physiology side of marketing?


Red - The colour red creates a sense of urgency, so this helps when trying to offer your target audience about a limited offer or sale.


Blue - The colour blue gives a feeling of reliability, this helps your business when you need to present that your product or service is going to be long lasting.


Green - The colour green gives a feeling for power, health and nature, this colour should be used when promoting organic and natural products made from natural resources.


Purple - The colour purple gives you a sense of feeling of royalty & wisdom, this colour should be used by businesses who are at the top of their industry to give themselves a royal stamp of approvement.


Orange & Yellow - These colours give off a cheerful and happy vibe and it very effective when you are looking for your target audience to impulse buy your products.


Black - The colour black, gives of the sense of feeling of, empowerment, authority, stability and strength. This colour is used when you have a bold statement that you want to give to your target audience.


Silver - The colour silver makes you feel like that brand is classy, sophisticated and well built.


White - White is a great colour as it is a black canvas that can have anything implemented onto it, it is also the colour of purity and simple. This is a very good choice of colour with baby products.


Important to remember…  

When you are creating your campaigns, brand identity and logos it is very important to use contrasting colours. This is important as it takes away the strain on the eye so people can enjoy your work visually. You do not want to turn people off before you have started now do you? When you use lots of words it is best to use darker colours as they are easier to read and help to get your message across to your target audience.

Examples of how businesses use colour to build a strong brand image…

Starbucks - Starbucks have built up a strong brand image from the colour green. They use the colour green because they are a coffee shop that likes to use natural ingredients. The colour green makes you feel relaxed & calm and when you have a Starbucks coffee it will help to see you through a tough day in the office! Within their logo there is a mermaid, which keeps the message that they are trying to portray as being a natural business. This is a very effective way to build their brand into what it is today!


The Dial (Burton-Upon-Trent) - The Dial (Upmarket bar & restaurant) likes to use classy colours. Their main colour pallete is silver & black as this is the best colour combination to emotionally market their products and services to their target audience. For example the colour silver gives a well balanced and calming feeling which gives off the impression that The Dial is a well balanced and inviting environment to be in.


How you may have to change colours to target different cultures?

It is very important that whenever you use colours to impact your marketing strategy, that you do plenty of market research. This is crucial when looking to target in different markets. Both industry sectors and geographical location. For example - A British website Development Company trying to penetrate the Chinese Website Development market. However their logo colours give off a different meaning within the Chinese culture than the British. So it would be incredibly hard to win the business..... all down to a colour.

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