When is the right time to invest in your marketing?


published by: Brian

date published: 22 Aug 2017

When exactly IS the right time to invest in your marketing? Is it seasonal? Should you take the plunge in the summer when the weather puts everyone is in a good mood? Or what about during the winter when potential clients are more likely to be stuck indoors and glued to their laptops? Is it sooner than that? Is it next week? Or have you missed the boat already? Is it last week? Last month?

Okay, okay. Step away from the calendar and calm yourself down. The answer is much more simple than that and is, of course, NOW. No matter how high or low the sun is in the sky or if the UK economy is booming or slumping, there is no reason to not be marketing your business.

Time flies - so plan your marketing campaign properly

Where some businesses tend to slip up is in the organisation and planning of that marketing. As soon as you realise that you need to get a bit tempus fugit about things, the temptation can be to try to do everything at once.

Wait a sec. Make the ‘now’ all about planning your marketing campaign. It’ll be much more effective that way, and you’re much more likely to get a better bang for your buck out of your marketing budget.

Who are your future clients? Think about exactly who you intend to target and why. What do you want the end result to be? Be specific about what you want to achieve.

Then put some research into your audience. Are they likely to respond to social media? What kind of message is more likely to grab their attention? Think about an online newsletter - it’s a great way to target the current and potential clients listed in your database and you can encourage people to sign up with a data capture form on your website. The more data you capture, the more eyes you can have enjoying the marketing feast that you’ll serve them in the near future…

You don’t have to go it alone.

Just don’t feel that you have to do all this yourself, or make the classic assumption that you know it all already. If you really want your marketing campaign to hit all the right notes across all the right channels, then speak to someone with a background in marketing. Shop around - get some opinions before you dive in. If you happen to know someone who is a marketing expert in the particular field you’re aiming at, or in the technique you intend to employ - mobile applications for instance, or content marketing.

Get them around the table - tell them what you want and need and throw some ideas around too. They’ll hopefully develop them and take them further for you, like the good marketing peeps that they are.

Then - and only then - are you ready to go. But don’t hang about - because the best time to invest in your marketing is always NOW!

Get cracking - and good luck.

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