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published by: Lucy

date published: 27 Mar 2018

How will web trends affect web development in 2018…

With 2017 opening up so many new opportunities for web designers and developers to grow -  where will the world of web development go in 2018? This is our take of what we think could be the major game changers this year!


Go big or go home…

The first trend that we believe will change the way web development works is Typography. We believe this will affect web development as having words that are bigger and bolder helps to make them stand out. It is well known that people's eyes get drawn into bold, oversized parts of text. This means we don’t fully read all the information. So for your marketing, it is key to highlight the keywords so that your message can get put across.  As you just have there, point proven.



The next point we're gonna talk about leads on nicely from the typography, this is animation. Animation was starting to take off towards the end of last year. This year it is going to be a massive trend when developing websites. They will vary from logos to CTA (Call To Action) buttons to images on the website. The whole point of adding animation to a website is to aid in bringing the website to life. Having these will add a personalised and enjoyable experience when visiting a website.  The most important part of your website is to provide the best user experience (UX) that you can to retain potential customers. Adding animation will only aid this in pushing customers UX to a whole new level if done correctly. Not all websites need to have animation! It’s important to take the time when developing them to integrate them within the website smoothly and effortlessly so that the flow of the website doesn’t change for the end user.


Innovative website layouts

This is the year of being bold, loud and obvious. If you don’t evolve this year you’ll be left behind. The use of loud colours will help to draw customers in. Also, having unique designs and layouts when they land on your page will make them want to stay there for longer. By trying out designs and layouts that stand out will also help you to sell your KPIs easier. This is due to being different to your competitors and offering your customers an experience that they won’t get with the competition.   


Getting ready for WebVR

In what we think could be the biggest trend this year, it’s to get your websites Virtual reality  (VR) ready. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? If you can get ahead of the rest - accommodate VR into your website!!! You want to adapt not react. With adapting it allows you to take the upper hand in your industry however if you react you will always be 1 step behind your competitor. This highlights the importance the other points previously mentioned like the animation. All of these help bring the websites to life, especially when your a surfing the web through a VR headset!!. Join the future and get ready for the next big advancement in this forever changing digital age!


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