Visitors vs Conversion Rate Optimisation


published by: Brian

date published: 22 Jan 2018

What is CRO?

So, before we get into anything else... just what is CRO? CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation which is the basis of converting a website visitor from a visitor to a customer via a number of simple action on your website. An example of this would be if you had product X and you want visitors to buy product X you will want to have as many.


What is the difference between traffic and conversion rates optimisation?

You may feel that the more traffic your page gets the more sales that are generated. Is that really the case though? At Vox Digital, we don’t necessarily care about the number of visitors you have on your page, we care about what that visitor is doing on your website!   

Why is this? It’s great to huge levels of traffic onto your website, but what if your CRO is comparatively low? There is a saying in business called Sanity over Vanity. In this instance your Vanity is traffic and your Sanity is your CRO levels. This means that you may well brag about how much traffic you are generating but if you aren’t getting the sales from these people what's the point in them being there in the first place? An example would be if your only getting 1 or 2 sales from 2000 pages views a month. Compared to 15 sales a month from 975 page visits a month. Which would you rather have?


Why should you care about this?

It’s a good question, why should you care about your CRO? Well, do you give the same level of care and customer service to your online customers as you do your in-store customers? You want to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and showcases all the best bits of the company. The best website you will ever visit won’t necessarily be the most flash, functional or stylish website you will see, but one that portrays the same level of service online as your company provides its visitors and clients in real life!


Does it happen overnight?

Of course not!

In order to get the best results, you need to have a website that will make your customers want to buy from you. It takes lots of hard work, dedication to turn your visitors into clients. Maximise the potential within your online profile by having a solid digital profile with a website that maximises the opportunities for your visitors, removing as many barriers as possible and ultimately making it as easy as possible for them to make the right choice in buying your product.


What’s the next step for you? 

We’ve been applying this approach to our website development and digital marketing for some time now. Our approach is a very holistic one, listening to and learning more about our clients, finding out what’s important to them and in doing so, identifying key goals both in their business and also on their website. We use this information to plan out comprehensive strategies for both content and ongoing development, ultimately increasing the CRO% for that client’s website.

Vox Digital has benefited many companies by building the optimum website for their customers. We have built up a long lasting relationship with many companies with our success at exceeding their goals!

If you are thinking how we could benefit your company get in touch with us on 01283 777283 or [email protected] and let us boost your CRO and sales!

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