So just how has technology and culture changed our approach to todays User Experience?


published by: Danielle

date published: 17 Jan 2018

Just what is User Experience?

User experience(UX) is all of the aspects that come together when a person interacts with the company, its services, and its products. In the eyes of Vox Digital user experience in web development is how you make the journey of getting your traffic from a viewer to become a customer in the simplest and easiest way. We develop websites using real-time data to help improve customer experiences by making ongoing and evolving changes to a website to help increase sales conversions. Who doesn't want to make more sales?!

With our websites, we develop we understand that every business has there own tailored needs and requirements, so when we develop our plans we like to understand more about your customers rather than your products/services. This is because it's our aim to create the best user experience they can have on your website. While we include as many subtle and interactive CTA’s as we can to drive your customers to the sales.


How has our culture affected UX?

User experience, as a culture, is forever changing thing, mainly because the world around us is always changing, growing, evolving. The ever-changing digital culture is changing the way that we use the internet. A big example of this is how the colour of certain features affect our perception of this. An example of this would be if your target audience is from Generation Z (people born after 1991) you will want to use lots of visuals and striking colours to draw them in. This is because of how their attention is drawn to certain areas of design including these elements.  So, by having an animation or something interactive close to a CTA (Call to Action) button this will be more likely to generate you a sale than having the CTA in the middle of a block of text.   

With us all now having shorter attention spans, web developers have had to change how they design websites to help grab the attention of the user by having more images, small blocks of text and pop-ups when you scroll through a page. This is because if there are huge blocks of text while it might have lots of very important and relevant points the end user will switch off and not pick out the key points you are trying to put across. So take out all the irrelevant words and add short, powerful sentences that will give you higher CTA retention!


What is the next chapter in the ever-changing world of UX?

Are you sat there wondering what the next big user experience feature will be? No!? well, we do on a daily basis. This is what we think….

Well, minimisation is only going to generate bigger impacts this year so less is more in the digital age. Another key change is the personalisation of user journeys, users want to feel special, but hey, who doesn’t? We love nothing more than to make our websites as personal as they can be by having them talk to the client’s audience customer without them realising. By having your website listen to what visitors are interested in, you can start to deliver a truly intelligent and engaging experience, removing barriers and so making it as easy as possible for visitors to ultimately do what you need them to.

That last point brings us on nicely to the BIG one, voice recognition. The whole point of user experience is to make life easier, faster and reducing user friction. And what is easier than talking? This year promises to be an exciting one, with voice recognition devices about to take off. Are you ready to control so much of your life by talking to a device in which you can switch on/off your tv or pre-heating your ovens? While in the current state of affairs the recognition software only accepts stripped back, basic and direct communication, we need to learn how people communicate naturally to really drive voice recognition to a new level with invisible interfaces.  Who knows what the next step is with voice recognition? Who knows what this will mean for the internet, Websites and how we use internet-based technology.

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