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published by: Danielle

date published: 12 Feb 2018

Ive never worked for a website development company…. yes, I’ve worked in Marketing Agencies, where we specialised in about 5 or 6 different areas, but VOX is completely different. We specialise in 1 thing…. We build bloody good websites.

The Boss 

Having been part of the  VOX family now for coming into my 3rd month - I can safely say that I’ve found my home. The team are incredible and very talented at what they do….. First of all there is Brian, the Gaffer (or as I have been known to call him in more recent days, my design guy). Bri is the most crucial member of the team. I recently bought in a new client, who is a small HR business. Seeing and hearing him sit with Brian and discuss what he wants to achieve from his new site was endearing. After an hour, the entire business focus had changed direction, and the plan for growth for both my client and his business were really exciting. Bri’s key to web design for VOX and specialises in UX and UI for our clients. 

The ones who actually do the work

Then there are the developers, Chris and Lucy…. now, when I first met these pair - it was over some cocktails & Crazy Golf (not together, well kinda together!) which was a great night and way to meet the team, I’ll mention at this point that I WON the crazy gold tournament, but we’re not competitive or anything!!!! Now having seen them at work - WOW. The first few weeks, I was sure they didn’t like me being in the office, I got looks over the tops of their Macs and Screens, which I now know if just the generic ‘developer stare’.  I think they are just seeing the world in code…. A little Matrix-esque if thats an easier way to describe it, which makes them look like they are just staring straight at you. They do laugh at me though - I talk, I talk a lot and I’m sure they just want silence, or their music playing whilst they concentrate on what they love to do….. writing code. Developing code and new software is what they love to do…… as long as I occasionally treat them to a chocolatey treat (Creme Eggs work a treat!) - they’ll never mind me being the “yeah, we can do that” person!! There has been a few occasions already where I think they have thought “what has she sold now? We’ve got to build what?”… Ha ha!! Without out C&L, VOX would not be where we are today!

Our Marketing dude

Most recently, we now have Jordan. Jordans our marketing apprentice slash the tallest kid I know. If any of you reading this know me, you’ll know I’m a good 5ft5, but with Jordan standing at 6ft 6, I tend to only be around him when he’s sitting down. You’ll see lots of exciting social media activity now we have him as a member of the VOX family.

The quiet one

I guess the last person to tell you about then is me! I head up the sales for VOX as their Business Development Manager. In a nut shell - my job is to talk to people, all people, all day, everyday!!! Now, this is definitely something that I love to do - and I’d really love to talk to you too… preferably about VOX and how we can help you build your business and grow it using the right development and making sure your website is the best sales person you have on your team…. However, if you don’t want to talk about that - still give me a call, as I’d still like to say hello to you…. I’m just as at home over a nice coffee during the day, or if preferred over a gin in the early evening! 

Our New Home and an invite for you

Talking of Gin, I haven’t mentioned that we are moving our family into an AMAZING new home - The Trinity. Its an old church thats based in the centre of Burton. We are taking over the entire top floor, and guess whats on the ground level - only a bloomin’ GIN bar!
As we are moving into a fab new home, we’ll be having a New Home (office) party very soon and we’d love you to come, so if you want to be added to the invitation list, then please drop me an email to [email protected]

Want to know how Vox Digital can help you? Get in touch with us on 01283 777 283 or email us at [email protected]!

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