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National Apprenticeship Week 2018

The life as an apprentice at VOX Digital

What is National Apprenticeship Week?

National Apprenticeship Week is a week celebrating all the success and achievement that apprenticeships bring to not only the apprentice but also the employer. This is my second year of experiencing National Apprenticeship Week and I would like to tell you all the fantastic opportunities being an apprentice gives you.


What does being an apprentice mean to me?

I’m now in my second apprenticeship and they couldn’t be more different from each other. My first was working for my local college in the public sector. This was my first experience of a ‘proper’ job. In this role, there were very strict guidelines that I had to stick to when creating social media posts. A problem I found hard to overcome was that every idea I had, had to go to board level for a decision, which meant that my ideas were rarely implemented. However, the role was so varied, I did enjoy it!! I found my love for events, social media and digital marketing. But, that’s enough of my boring past job, now it's time to talk about how excited I am in my current role and what the future is going to hold for me!


What am I doing now?

Well, I’ve taken my next step in the big wide world of marketing, by joining up with the fantastic team at VOX Digital. VOX Digital is a web and software development business based in Burton on Trent that builds unreal websites. It’s my job to make sure our social media is popping! Whilst also helping to grow our digital presence by showing the world just what kind loving geeks we all are(not sure the gaffer will like me calling him a geek!!!!!!!!!) I’m an apprentice at VOX and I don’t feel like one. I just feel part of the team and that has helped me to settle into my new environment very quickly. Being an apprentice is all about learning and growing and the team at VOX allows me to make mistakes as it’s the only way I’ll learn to grow.


Struggles of an apprenticeship

More so in my last job than my current one is the money struggles. It’s hard surviving off £3.50 an hour, but the way I have always looked at it is it’s a future investment in myself to start my business career. Yes, in the short term the money is poor but in the long term, the experience and qualifications I’ve gained and will gain from it will only help me be successful in my future and earn that big fat paycheck! That is an investment I’m willing to take!


What does the future hold for me?

In the short term, I want to keep developing and growing in my role here at VOX Digital. I truly believe this is the best place for me to continue to do this, I hope to progress onto a level 4 apprenticeship in digital marketing as soon as possible. I feel this will unlock more doors in the future for me. My long term targets are ambitious but what’s the point in aiming low. I want to go into management and eventually run my own business while alongside all this building up my portfolio, so that I can get into the modelling industry (at 6”6 I think I’d make a damn good one!!!!!!!)


Do I recommend being an apprentice?

1000000% YES!!! I honestly believe that being an apprentice is the way forward and this is why the government is investing so much in apprenticeship schemes. If you want to pursue a career rather than just a dead-end job then go get yourself an apprenticeship and make your future happen.  Don’t just wait for the business to come to you.



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