My apprentice blog writing given a whole new outlook!


published by: Jordan

date published: 20 Mar 2018

Blog writing given a whole new perspective… 

This last week has been one massive step in my development! I am now coming out of my shell and adding character to my blog writing. I didn’t realise how straightforward and emotionless my blogs were. With the help of the team around me, I have managed to change my writing style to be more fun and engaging. I have to thank Danielle personally for sitting down and breaking everything down and just making blog writing simple and easy! One thing I have learnt is that I need to proofread my work to check for mistakes. Blog writing is a very new skill that I’m developing, so I have allowed myself to make mistakes. Now it’s time to step up a gear and push this skill as far as I can take it!    


LinkedIn Local Event…

Following on from my first BNI meeting at the beginning of the month I then had my first experience of an open networking event that VOX Digital has put on (the first of its kind in Staffordshire.) What is LinkedIn Local??? In simplemans terms, it is an open networking event that helps to connect with your LinkedIn connections in person to take them relationships to new levels. Before the event kicked off I got them blasted butterflies back. I really don’t remember eating any caterpillars recently but, somehow I always seem to get butterflies!  Once the event was in full flow they disappeared and I was in my groove and helping to generate us business! If you want to find out more about LinkedIn Local and how you can get involved in our next one take a read through this article.


Introduction to Google Analytics…

I had my first proper introduction to Google Analytics last week. I had used Google analytics in my previous apprenticeship but, had no guidance or support in what I should be looking for or what the data is truly showing me. Having sat with the gaffer, he helped answer the questions I had about reading the data and what numbers we need to have to show a positive reflection on a page. Over the next week or so I will be working with developer Chris to help develop report writing on our client's websites to start reporting and developing more skills. I can’t wait!!!!



The best way to end a week is doing something that I absolutely love. Photoshoot time!!!! I love nothing more than getting in front of the camera wherever possible. This time it was helping with one of our clients, getting images ready for their fantastic new website! If you need a new website or want to refresh your current one, get in touch with us now!

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