LinkedIn Local


published by: Danielle

date published: 15 Mar 2018

LinkedIn Local…

How did the event come about? It all started when our Business Development Manager Danielle saw the opportunity on a post on LinkedIn. (She has a good eye for that!)  So after a conversation with the gaffer, it was given the big green light!!! I mean where better to hold the first event of its kind in Burton on Trent but, at the new VOX Digital office!


Well, now we found the location just what is LinkedIn Local?? It is a networking event that helps businesses to connect through LinkedIn to help generate leads. The idea of the event is to help you connect with your LinkedIn network in person. In a relaxed and intimate environment. With this type of event, it will take time to build up a strong network of businesses. However, even though this is the first event of its kind in the local area there was a lot of initial interest and we had a decent turnout of 15. That might look low but, having only advertised the event for a week, I think that’s pretty good going!


What did we get out of the event?

Firstly people got to see how amazing our office is,  it’s not just our opinion! People got to experience the great business facilities we have here at The Trinity. With downstairs being open to the public it is the ideal place for you to bring your clients to if you want a coffee and a chat on some very comfy sofas. We also gained lots of new connections, and getting our brand out there, with further meetings in place to take our relationships to the next level! For us, this event was very very successful!


It also gave us the opportunity to run our own business event, with doing this it brings lots of different challenges. Everyone thinks they can run a networking event because they are ‘easy’. I can vouch for Danielle here, it’s bloody hard! You have to think of the logistics, financial, the flow of the event and staffing. We gave everyone the opportunity to win a bottle of prosecco (ooooo) all you needed was a business card to enter, simple!


What have I learnt?

Following on from my first BNI meeting, I have learnt that different networking events have different agendas. What I mean by this is that at the BNI it was very strict and rigid with the timings, whereas our event was more of a drop in session. I feel this definitely works best for LinkedIn Local! I have also learnt that I am confident enough to talk to businesses on my own, without shadowing someone. I still get butterflies but, as soon as I engage in conversation then I’m in my groove and ready to generate us business!


What’s next???

We want to do many more events like this. We need to keep improving the event so the next will be even more successful. We have already planned (well, Danielle has!) the next one!! Wednesday 18th April, here at Trinity from 1pm.  We want this event to be open to as many people as we possibly can so get sharing!!! Help us to grow this event to its full potential for businesses within Burton and the surrounding areas so please get in touch with any ideas!


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