It's good to talk


published by: Danielle

date published: 22 Aug 2017

Say what you like about the now sadly departed Bob, but he knew his stuff. In web design, good communication from the outset is vital when it comes to ensuring that you - the client - gets precisely what you – the client - needs. 

Say what’s on your mind

A good web development team should be in possession of a good pair of ears each as well as a deft set of fingers. It’s all very well to toss emails back and forth; indeed, emails are terrific for sending over screengrabs and PDF versions of your future website as it germinates, but there’s a lot to be gained from a good old face to face chat.

The initial chat is your opportunity to get across what you want. Specifically – why do you want a website? What is the purpose of it? What function do you want it to fulfil? It’s also a good opportunity for you to suss the web developers out. Are they the right fit for your project? Are they up to scratch? And importantly, do they know how to make a decent cuppa?

Those questions are absolutely crucial to the success of your website project and (ultimately) the success of your online marketing. Without them you’ll likely end up with a website that looks pleasing enough but serves little purpose and achieves even less than that. All of this while you look on anxiously, sipping from a mug of terrible tea.

Welcome to the jungle

There are a lot of web developers out there. Tonnes of the buggers. Throw a rock up in the air and you’re bound to hit one (just give us a bit of warning first). A bit of research on that there internet will give you a good starting point when it comes to finding the right team for your project: take a look at their website, check out their case studies and portfolio. What kind of businesses do they usually work with? What kind of work have they produced? That should help to narrow down the search a bit.

When you have your final hit-list in place, it’s time to take old Bob up on his advice and start that conversation. Get on the phone and arrange to meet them. Be clear about what it is that you need and what you want, and see what they pull out of their collective brainboxes in return. 

Each group should play to their particular strengths and, as such, you’ll have a good idea of who the best web development team are to nail your project. 

Better websites, genuine progress and top quality tea and cake every time you meet. 

How good is that? 

Get talking, and go find the best website development team to make your project shine.

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