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How has A/B Testing developed in today’s digital space

Just what is Google Optimise?

Just what is Google Optimise?

 Google Optimise is the testing of different variations of your website and then tailor it to deliver a personalised experience that works best for each customer and your business. The way that these tests are carried out is by A/B Testings also known as split testing or bucket testing, is a method that compares two versions of a website or app against one another to see which one performs better with your clients. These tests help with data-driven design which is where you develop a website design by using the data collated from analytics and the optimise tests to better meet your client's needs. By using Google Optimise it allows you to create conditional content, which is where you send different content to different contacts but only using one campaign. An example of this would be with email campaigns, you are able to send out different messages to your customers depending on their level of importance and their relationship with your company.   

Why is it important for your business to look at google optimise?

It is important for you as a business to look at google optimise, if you want to improve your website and in turn improve your customer's experience. Using Google Optimise is a great way for your business to collate data to understand your customer base better. Having this data will help you make informed decisions regarding your web and digital marketing strategies. Thus enabling your business to meet the needs of your customers better. Who doesn't want to make their customers happy?

Speak your customer's language!

A lot of businesses are out of touch with their customers especially when it comes to their websites. This is due to a business thinking they know what their customers like without having anything to back up their ideas. With using Google Optimise and A/B testing it allows you as a business to see which model works better with your customers. It might be as simple as changing a few words on a CTA (Call to Action)  so, it becomes less pushy. Another example might be the way your web page is laid out. This could mean that your customers don’t know where to look for a specific item or article on your website, as it’s hidden or poorly labelled.

So, what's next for you?

We here at VOX Digital use Google Optimise to improve our client websites. How do we use this tool? When we build our bespoke websites we incorporate Google Optimise at the very beginning of the build, this enables us to gather information and customer habits. This helps us to update a customers website to meet the goal our client, whether they want to increase sales or want to increase downloads of a PDF through a CTA. these are just two examples of goals our clients may have.

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