What is data driven design, and why do you need to care?


published by: Danielle

date published: 23 Jan 2018

What is Data Driven Design?

Data-driven design is where you develop a website design by, using the data collated from Google Analytics and Google Optimise tests. These designs will be tailored perfectly to your target audience thus enhancing their user experience. By having your website designed to your customers needs you will see an increase in the number of sales and number of clicks on your CTAs (Call to Actions) this could be a PDF download for example.

The whole point of data-driven design is to help in meeting your goals and targets set within your digital marketing plans. Data-driven design is just one way of assisting you to reach these goals. It is important when you set your goals and targets that they are SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. You need to consider each aspect of these when setting your targets to make sure that you are not under or overstretching with your targets. For example, if you set a target of increasing your Weekly sales by 10,000 in the space of 2 weeks when your only generating 1700 sales a week currently is unrealistic and unachievable. Whereas setting a target like, we want to increase our weekly sales by 750, over the space of 2 months by changing the format of our website to be more user-friendly. This target is realistic and measurable.  


What type of data is used?

The type of data used is quantitative as it follows the page visitors habits and click-throughs with number based data. This is the type of data that is needed and used to better understand the habits of your customers. You can use qualitative data from previous market research around your customer base with your initial startup and also habits you have noticed while running your business. As a business, you want to know exactly what is going on in the mind of your customers as you want them to buy your products. Don’t you? The best way to collect this data is by using Google Optimise and running A/B Tests. By conducting these tests you will be able to have two different web designs running simultaneously that Google will monitor and report back to you on which one has enhanced you reaching your goals. Thus enabling you decided on the best way to take your digital marketing and website further.  


Why should you care about data-driven design?

Would you release a new product without doing any market research? No! So why would you want a website that hasn’t got facts and figures behind it to improve your digital presence? This is why looking into a data-driven design is so important for your business. If you neglect such a huge part of your digital marketing campaign by having a misleading website, that gives your users a poor experience you will lose out on valuable sales and long-term customer relationships. So start looking into how you can improve your website now!


Interested in taking your website to a new level?

We here at Vox Digital don’t build a single website without planning how it will affect your customer and their user experience in mind. We also don’t use templated designs to build your website, we build them bespoke and create the layout and structure completely from scratch while integrating Google Optimise throughout the process.  

If you think your business could benefit from data-driven design then come and have a chat with us! We will look through your existing website and see what we can use and what could do with improving.

So get in touch with us today on 01283 777 283 or by emailing us on [email protected]    

Want to know how Vox Digital can help you? Get in touch with us on 01283 777 283 or email us at [email protected]!

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