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Whenever we meet with a potential client, we always stress that the best solutions are born from the best client/supplier relationships. Downstage Centre is a perfect example of this.

Ross Lowe is an old contact of VOX Digital, in fact, Ross has done work for us in the past with his copywriter hat on, so when Ross was looking to set up a new magazine style amateur theatre website we were the perfect choice for him.  Even though we knew Ross, we maintained the standard VOX 6 stage process of designing and developing the website (because it just works!).

The end result is a website that is simple to use, easy to navigate and thanks to the content created by Ross and his team is a constant source of great content.

Downstage Centre

some of the key features you'll find in this site

  • Highly visual, compelling website to look through
  • User specific administration - Downstage Centre is made up of 20+ administrators, some of whom don't have access to publish content
  • Integrated, bespoke show search tool
  • Rich Data Structure - incorporating Google Friendly data, highlighting key review info in google results
  • Highly responsive solution - all of our websites are built specifically to fit on Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Phone. This doesn't simply mean we shrink everything to fit, we think about how visitors will use each version of the website's content and functionality 


Downstage Centre

"Stop what you're doing right this instant. If you're looking for a new website you need search no more, because by finding VOX Digital you've found THE answer!

The team at VOX Digital have an incredible eye for detail and a meticulous and tenacious work ethic which means that what Brian and the team lose in sleep, you gain in innovation.

Many other web design agencies will promise you a 'bespoke' website without fully grasping what the word means, whereas VOX Digital will craft a website that does exactly what you want it to and more besides.  The website they created for Downstage Centre is a case in point, and it's proven to be a huge success because it not only does what we want it to, it does what our audience want it to as well.

Thanks Brian, Lucy and the team! Keep doing what you do!"

Ross Lowe - Director of Downstage Centre


Ross Lowe

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